TruArte Ultimate Pro Brush Set


TruArte Pro Makeup Brushes are the best because our brushes are made with super soft fibers that have evolved into the best-ever over time and expertly sculpted by the most experienced hands- Ideally the only brushes that should ever touch the beautiful and soft skin.

These are designed by celebrity Makeup artist with a decade of experience in creating one of the best flawlesss makeup. Each brush is designed and evolved to get the best ever Pro Brushes set. So that you can also create masterpieces of makeups.

These expertly designed 33 brushes individually create different strokes for different applications that together finally give you that final masterpiece look.

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ELEGANT CARRY CASE FOR BRUSHES – The fashionable carrying case for your treasured brushes comes with an organizer belt so that you can store and protect with ease.
It doubles up like a elegant stand displaying your brushes while at use. The most organized and stylish way to carry your make up masterpieces in a beautiful pouch.

No. Series     Brush Name
F01 Face        Flawless Foundation
F02 Face        Airbrush Foundation
F03 Face        Magic Face
F04 Face        Perfect Stippling
F05 Face        Fluffy Powders
F06 Face        Angled Contour
F07 Face        Face Essential
F08 Face        Undereye Concealer
F09 Face        Undereye Perfection
F10 Face        Featherlite Highlighting
E01 Eye         Eyeshadow Base
E02 Eye         UnderEye Setting
E03 Eye         Eye Crease
E04 Eye         Glitter Eyeshadow
E05 Eye         Satin Eyeshadow
E06 Eye         Crease Buffer
E07 Eye         Intense Crease
E08 Eye         Eyeline Smudger
E09 Eye         Outer V Detailing
E10 Eye         Deluxe Crease
E11 Eye         Intense Definer
E12 Eye         Pencil Liner
E13 Eye         Undereye Detailing
E14 Eye         Brow Brush
E15 Eye         Angular Liner
S01 Special   Refined Contour
S02 Special   Nontouring
S03 Special   Nose Contour
S04 Special   Powder Strobing
S05 Special   Dual Brow Perfecting
S06 Special   Duo Eyelash Comb
L01 Lip          Precise Lip

Caution: Please store our products away from chemical substances to avoid any damages.


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