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TruArte Exfoliating Blender
TruArte’s Cleansing blender sponge is the newest and the most innovative addition to the sponge family. This is what you always needed for the skin-prep for flawless application. The sponge gently exfoliates away dirt, oil, and makeup for a smooth complexion. This exfoliating sponge is soft to the touch, but will still lightly exfoliate your skin. Add this newest addition to your beauty tools collection and hence your skincare routine for clear, fresh and glowing skin.

• Exfoliates and skin cleansing.
• Preps skin before makeup.
• Ideal for facial cleansing.

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How to use:
• Dampen it with water
• Put a gentle face wash on the broader side.
• Apply all over the face in circular motions, the narrow end reaching into every contour of the face. When finished, rinse the face.
• Rinse the sponge and leave to air dry on the special packaging provided

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