Classic Makeup Blender (Creme)


TruArte Blender:

Get Airbrushed finish effortlessly with this innovative applicator that spreads foundation evenly. The curved edges of this sponge reach the smallest corners of the face like undereyes and crevices of the nose, while the flat surfaces blend smoothly over the broader areas like forehead, cheeks & chin effortlessly.
While it is wet, the sponge grows to about twice its size so it absorbs minimal product and ensures maximum landing of your treasured products on your skin. The blenders come with a handy box to store and airdry it after use.

About TruArte Blender:
TruArte blender sponge products are designed by Top Industry Experts. Hence what you get is a product that is manufactured to the specifications which has finally arrived after years of pro experience.

1. WET IT! – Immerse in water.
2. SQUEEZE IT! – To remove the excess water.
3. BLEND IT! – Dab & Roll to evenly apply cream or powder products.
4. To clean, wash with a gentle soap, rinse and air dry

SHADE : Creme

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