Advanced Brush Set of 12


About Advanced Brust Set  (12 Pro Brushes)
Unique makeup brush set that is perfect for everyone…from beauty beginners to Pros. Each of these brushes together play the orchestra for that
final perfect finish. All these in a classy faux leather zip pouch

Why are these brushes special
Every time you use these, you create a flawless, pro-level makeup looks with 12 brushes for face and eyes. Each of these have been
meticulously designed by expert makeup artist and handcrafted.
Experience the featherlight feel of soft bristles, which are selected for luxurious feel and smoothest and most even application.


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Other Details
Total length of brush(es): Different
Length of bristles: Different
Weight: From 5 gms to 19 gms
Warranty: 6 months

How to Use
Wash your brushes occasionally with gentle brush soap and let them dry hanging upside down in Brush Guards. As with all brushes made with natural hair, some shedding may occur during the first few uses.

What’s Incuded:

TruArte NAME TruArte Description
Prep & Foundation FP2001 Masterstroker fluffy brush ideal for multiple products & uses. Get a flawless & even complexion in single stroke with liquids or powders. Customised to provide medium to full coverage. TruArte Pro Tip: Use it in sweep & buff technique.
Precision Contour FP2002 Perfect Shapster brush. Technically designed angular bristles to give well sculpted features. Multi purpose brush for uneven skin textures. Works will all face shapes. TruArte Pro Tip: Use it in Press & Roll Technique.
Blush & powder FP2003 Tapered Blush Brush, that is perfect for dewy and subtle finish. Excellent for all powder based products. TruArte Pro Tip: Swirl in the powder & Sweep in the hairline direction.
Conceal & correct FP2004 Say goodbye to pigmented blemishes! Flat paddle brush used for liquid and cream concealing & correction.

Excellent for spot correction & even coverage.

TruArte Pro Tip: Sweep in the direction of your facial hair. Dab for spot correction in layering technique.

Eyeshadow Buffer EP2005 Masterblaster buffing brush that is used for perfecting Eye base, Undereye crease blending & Nose contouring as well.
Eyeshadow Blending EP2006 Soft Dome shaped Blending brush to help you Colour your world. Perfect eye shadow brush to blend eyeshadows seamlessly.

TruArte Pro Tip: Blend the eyeshawdow in outward & downward direction for 100% pigment payoff.

Crease Buffing EP2007 Unique Crease brush for creating all kinds of eye makeups. Works for all kinds of eyeshapes. Used for eyeshadow application & buffing for perfectly diffused finish.

TruArte Pro Tip: Use a wind-wiper technique to apply and blend in the socket colours.

Outer V EP2008 TruArte Outer V is specially designed to intensify the outer V of the eyes. You can get all those gorgeous eyemakeup looks for those ravishing eyes. Works for all kinds of eyeshapes.

TruArte Pro Tip: Pick up the dark Matt eyeshadows on the tip of the brush and sketch the outer V in inverted C formation of the outer 1/4th corner of the eye.

Duo eyeliner brush EP2009 Duo Eyeliner brush has been technically designed to get perfect winged liner from a simple FLICK to Arabic Liners to Smudgy smokey liners as well.

Works beautifully with gel or liquid eyeliner formulas.

TruArte Pro Tip: While working with the thin side, Roll it in the gel and Sweep it directly as close to the eyelash for the thinnest eyeliner in the world.

While working with the angular side, load the brush with the product and sweep it in the hand to tightly pack the bristles and finally swoosh on the eyelid … the prefect winged liner is there..

Brow Filler EP2010 An Excellent Tapered Angular Brush to get those perfectly filled brows.

TruArte Pro Tip: Dip the brush in the gel / powder and sweep it directly in the brows.

Lip Brush EP2011 The most tightly packed bristles to give you super defined, voluptuous and clean Lipstick application.

TruArte Pro Tip: Dip the brush in your Lipstick shade and Create the sharpest edge without worrying about it bleeding.

Smudger brush EP2012 Multipurpose Smudger brush for those perfect smugdged eyeliners & eyeshawdows. Can also be used for lipstick, brow filler applications as well.


Caution: Please store our products away from chemical substances to avoid any damages.

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 14 × 5 cm


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