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Use wind wiper technique for soft blending around the creases. The lesser the pressure, the better the finish.
Sweep the Foundation towards hairline & Dab and press for concealing & correction.
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TruArte defines 'The True Art of Beauty'.

TruArte is the future of the beauty industry, where everything we create is inspired from you and the way you work with the products.

perfect shades


You can also use this brush for any fine detail work –I personally love it for smudging liner or colour that’s super close to the lash line.


perfect shades


Perfection. This is truly my favorite brush of all time! Completely functional & efficient. Incredible quality! My only concern is storing it because of the double-ended brushes! I love this brush! Super soft. Perfect for blending around the eyes!


perfect shades


New favorite brush ! This Dual foundation brush is amazing, it spreads evenly and smoothly! It’s so soft and so easy to clean. Normally I clean my brushes after every use when using liquid makeup but some days I’m in a rush and run out the door before I have time. The bristles are so soft they don’t get hard and clump if you forget to clean between uses of liquid makeup which leads to continuous smooth applications!!


perfect shades


These makeup sponges are REAL Beauty Blenders . They don’t absorb a lot of product which is a huge no no when I purchase makeup sponges. (I use 2 while applying makeup daily). I use them dry for full coverage but they do get larger when wet. They wash amazingly. Because they don’t absorb a lot of product, it is very easy to wash them.


perfect shades


Good price, good quality. Still using after a long time! I don't see anything bad from this brush.


perfect shades


I'm honestly happy that Truarte is producing products that are affordable yet in good quality. The brush is great for any sort of use not just blending. Each brush has multiple usages & that’s amazing.


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